Short and Sweet

I am about to pass out. I have been so busy with work and all the new hoops I have to jump through after getting off house arrest. My goal is to start getting on here more I need to get everyone updated. I’ve had a few mental breakdowns already. I’ll be back soon to tell my story. Love and Peace.


Free At Last

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I’m on my way home. I’m finally done with my jail time!!!!! I’m so excited. I’m sitting Indian style right now in the car. It’s the little things. It was a rough last night but glad it’s over. Some girl has what sounds like the death cough. She was coughing all night next to my bed. I’m going to leave this post with a picture of my ankles now.



Final Thoughts

Yea!!! It’s my 30th bday and I’m in the lobby waiting to get booked for my two day slumber party in jail. I only have one more week left of all these shenanigans. Thank goodness! These ankle bracelets are literally driving me freaking crazy. I hardly ever sleep anymore, I can constantly feel them around my ankles and don’t get me started about the lack of time spent in the bedroom. I’m sorry but it’s hard to feel sexy and want to have sex with two lock boxes on your ankles. Let’s be realistic. Here’s a pic just so everyone knows what I’m dealing with here. Till next time.


The Big 30

So, I didn’t actually envision my 30th birthday being spent in jail. I had more glamorous plans. Vegas. Oh well. My birthday is next week than the next week I get out! No more bracelets on my ankle! Thats a good enough birthday present for me. I might actually get to sleep a whole 8 hours! No more working and having to charge my bracelet after 2 hours of sleep. I will actually get two full days off work where I will be able to chill at home. Oh the possibilities… I am so freaking excited. Everyone keeps telling me 30s are their best years. Maybe it will be mine. Can’t wait to see what kind of great things are going to be in store for me. Off to bed. Need some sleep before I sit on my bunk for the next 48 hours. Over and out.




As a child I always loved going to spend the night with my girl friends. Little did I know the kind of sleepovers I would experience later in life. A room with 34 girls and bunk beds. One punk per bunk they say! Time to go check into hell! Peace!

7 Days Left, 4 More Weeks!

Just got out today at noon. Luckily, I was back in the room with everyone else. Thank goodness! When I was in booking, right before they dressed me out to go back to the pod with everyone else, the guard told me her captain called her. She said that he wanted to know why I was placed in solitary confinement. He said that there was no paper work filled out and to not let it happen again. Apparently they did not follow proper protocol and I was never suppose to be in there. Funny how they can just do whatever they want and it’s okay. I have been unable to sleep all week and I’ve had a lot of anxiety but hey it was all a “mistake”, no big deal. The girl who told on me, Keri, has made it so obvious. She has not said one word to me since she accused me of sneaking in drugs. Can she be anymore obvious? I feel sorry for her. One of the girls in there is pregnant with twins and at 34 weeks. She is going to prison. She wants me to look for someone that is willing to pay to adopt them. I’m thinking to myself, it’s a little late. She has been pregnant 9 times and had to give up every single child she has ever had because her and her husband are addicted to meth. She even asked me, in a some what joking matter, if I wanted to become the legal guardian. Yea, not happening. I do feel somewhat bad for her because she has talked about trying to become clean then her husband never cares enough to also get clean. I can tell she is going to be really upset about these babies. She’s trying to hide it but it’s not working that well. She is getting shipped off to prison tonight. County doesn’t want to have to pay the medical bills for when she gives birth, which will be any day now. Every time I go in there I hear the same stories over and over again. I just don’t get how no one cares about getting clean? Guess thats not exactly why I’m in there. Guess people could say the same about me and my drinking and driving. Time to get ready for week . Over and out!



I have not been able to sleep since I got out of solitary confinement. I finally crawled out of bed because I was getting aggravated just laying there. Now I’m on the couch watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia while my boyfriend sleeps alone. I just want to get some sleep before I get my ass kicked at work tomorrow night during the Royals game. Maybe I should try sleeping with the lights on.